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Bhola played by Gaurav Gera

If anyone looks at Bhola, he may look like any other happy go lucky, 25 year old boy, fighting with his father, having fun with his friends and making a fool of himself in front of the girl he really likes and wants to be with. What sets him apart however is his innocence, a virtue difficult to find in young men these days. A virtue much closer to Kishore Kumar and the characters he played in the golden years of Indian Cinema. Bhola has a dream of becoming the country's biggest singing idol one day, a dream highly disapproved of by his father considering his not so great singing talent. How Bhola achieves his dreams is a simple tale with a little bit of magic that will make the audience fall in love with him.

Meena played by Shweta Gulati

Around 24 – 25 years of age, Meena is a sweet simple girl with a little sense of humor who works at an Ad Agency in Mumbai. One of the smarter girls in office, she is popular and liked by all. A certain charm and exuberance around her she gets instant attention from all around but knows how to keep her head on her shoulders. She is fascinated by singers, loves watching them on television and does a little bit of singing herself and is infact, good at it.

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